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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Super Bowl

With this being football season and the Super Bowl about a month away, I wanted to tell about my trip to the Super Bowl. The year was 1973 and I was almost 19 years old. I happened to be home from college for Christmas break. My uncle came over to the house to ask my dad about going to the super bowl. My dad wanted to go, but my mother did not want to. I just happened to come into the kitchen when they were discussing it. I said, " well, I want to go!" I really never thought they would take me. But my dad said, " well, get your stuff together." So that very day we were on a plane headed west. We stopped off in Las Vegas and went and saw B.B. King and spent the night there. We then went on to L.A. and visited with some friends of my uncle's and my dad's. My male cousin who was a couple of years older than me went with us.

The day of Super Bowl VII was a gorgeous sunny day at the Los Angeles Coliseum. It was the Miami Dolphins against the Washington Redskins. My dad has always been such a comical character and this trip was so much fun. As we were seated and began watching the game, there was a middle age man with a "much younger" female with him. This paunchy man began to talk to this blonde buxom woman about the game of football. He said, " Now baby, you see that man down there in the green, he is going to kick that football and that man in the maroon is going to try to catch it and run down the field this way." Oh my gosh... this mistress... I mean lady had no idea about the game of football. He began to give her instructions about the entire game. And my dad says to me, "honey, there are 50,000 people here in this stadium, and you would know that we would be the ones stuck sitting in front of them." Every now and then, he would let out this big aggravated sigh, or turn and give them one of his huffy looks. I am including a photo from January 1973. I was so excited about going and in such a rush, that I left my makeup at home. I have never been much of a spontaneous person, but that day I was and I am so thankful that I have this fun memory of my dad and me. He has been gone now for over 13 years and I miss him very much. But I am so thankful for that special day that we spent daddy/daughter time together!

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