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Monday, November 9, 2009

Day 57-P90X- Plyometrics

I was supposed to do chest today, but I did the plyometrics instead because I was scared that I would bother my shoulder from injuring it last Friday. I may try to do it tomorrow, or I may do the leg routine. I just know that doing shoulders or chest... anything that involves pushups might aggravate it. So I did not quite finish the entire plyometrics, but I did almost all of it. I waited until late today... the good news is is that I still did it. I did not even start until after 6:00 p.m., and you know how I usually just blow it off if I work out late in the day. I had company this morning, went and ran errands, and then made an unexpected trip to our deer camp. I will have to post a photo later. We have a two bedroom cabin with a loft. Now mind you... this is a deer camp, not a darling get-a-way cabin. HOWEVER; I have not given up the idea of adding some feminine touches to the place. Dh considers it "his" place... but I want to add a bit of my rustic touch. The loft has four twin beds. A friend of mine had shown me the sleeping porch out of a recent Southern Living magazine. We have several old patchwork quilts.. so I took those and put them on all the beds upstairs. I added some plaid pillow shams that I had that were not presently being used. It looks really cute up there. I may even add some pictures to the walls. I also vacuumed upstairs while I was there. I am hoping to have my unome friends come for a weekend there. Well, I will have more time later to continue making it more female-friendly. Okay, it is good to know I am in the last phase. I hope when I do P90X the next time, I will do it better.

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