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Friday, November 20, 2009

Followers and P90X

I finally got my followers list up close to my profile. If you are stopping by and visiting my blog often, please add your name to my list of followers. Thanks to my beachbody coach Jen for helping me figure out how to get my list moved. If you are thinking of getting on board with P90X let me just say... go for it! Yes, it is hard. But hey... I am 55 years old and I can do most of it. I am not doing the chinup bar, but still working with the bands. However, I still get sore and you can see definition in my shoulders even with the extra padding I have. You can be challenged by doing more repetitions or heavier weights. There are about 10 or 11 workouts so you do not get bored. I like Tony more and more when I do my videos. If you are totally undisciplined then forget doing these. If you cannot make yourself go to a room by yourself and do an hour workout, then this is not for you. But if you can do it alone or get a friend to join you, it is great. Your initial cost for the DVDs is about $150. But since my gym fee went up to $100 per month and that was 5 months ago, then I have already saved $350. And the best thing to do is go through Beachbody instead of buying it on Ebay because you can access their website and get an online coach. My coach is Jen, who goes by onetoughgirl. She is very faithful to read my blog, give me encouragement, tips, and keep me accountable. Right now she has us doing the 10 day challenge of working out the 10 days prior to Thanksgiving. Today is Day 5. I still have time to get it in. Well, I just wanted to give a plug for this program. I think it is great!!!


Jen said...

Dee, you are just the best! I feel HONORED to be your coach! You make me soooo proud!
Thanks for your kind works and your hard work!
Getting to know you has been a blessing and getting to chit-chat about God and our Faith has been the icing on the cake (except that we don't eat cake, right? hee hee)

If anyone is looking to sign up, my coach site is

Editor said...


You should sign up to be a coach. You are sticking with the p90x workouts and would be a good representation of Beachbody. Jen will still be your coach.