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Monday, November 30, 2009

Day 67-P90X- Legs and Back

I got in the legs and back routine this morning starting around 7:30. I went to thicker bands. I could not tell if these were harder to use or not. I did 25 reps on each back exercise. I did all the leg routine. The one I happened to find the most difficult today was the one where you do about two minutes of walking of your toes and doing those lunges without ever letting your heels come down. I made it through the wall squats- both the two legs on the ground and the one legged ones. I also made it through the squats where you squat and then jump in the air. All in all, I did quite well with the workout. I had to hurry and finish and get out of the house. I had to get to the retirement place in town to pick up my mother to take her to the doctor. This was a regular checkup, but you know how it is the Monday after a holiday. We had to wait over an hour before we were even seen. I had told her I would have lunch with her before I knew we were eating at the retirement center. The company was good because we sat with an older couple that both she and I know. If fact the husband is a patient of mine. However, this place is certainly not know for their fine cuisine. Of all things on the menu- my choice was turkey tettrazine or ham. Excuse me but I was tired of ham and turkey (and I knew that my dinner tonight was going to be a leftover turkey casserole. So I had a hamburger- don't worry, it was far from juicy. Also I had some minestrone soup. This was definitely loaded with fiber. No Dr. Pepper for me. Water and decaf coffee was my luncheon beverage. So I would say by the time the day ends tonight I would have succeeded with my weekly goals.

64 oz of water-check
35 gr of fiber-check
daily exercise-check
no Dr. Pepper-check

So yea for me today!! Now someone please tell me what I did and how to change back to black type.

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Alissa said...

Hi! I'm a fellow P90X enthusiast, so I wanted to say hello and follow you on your journey! Looks like you're doing great! Best of luck!