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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Day 63-P90X- Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps

Well since I woke up so early, I had plenty of time to get good and awake and do my workout. I am not so great with this workout because there are alot of those pushups that I cannot presently do. I don't know if I EVER will be able to do them. But when it is the pushups that are in and outs, or one hand, or clapping... I just do either pushups from the feet or pushups from the knees. I do as many as I can. I don't quit. Although, I think today I did FF through one of the sets. I also was only using 5 lb weights for most of the shoulder workouts. I might could have used the 8 lb. I really need a 6 or a 7 lb dumbbell. I was able to do all the workouts with the 5 lb. I finished my workout feeling worked out. I really need to incorporate the ab ripper X into my routine. So far, I have only done it a few times. It is like I am scared of it and I dread it. I should do some of it anyway. So today I have a hair appointment, and my mother is going with me to get a pedicure. After I finished my workout, I prepared omelets for my husband and me. I had been given some farm fresh eggs that I would call medium size. So sauteed some pico de gallo with mushruooms. I began cooking the eggs, flipped them, and then put the vegetables along with mixed cheese- cheddar and mozarella on the eggs and then folded the omelet up. I need to find where my camera is, and I will start making some photos of what I cook. The omelet looked good and tasted good too. I know the eggs have too much fat, but the yolk is the best part for you. So after my hair appointment, my mother and I will go to eat out for lunch. Hmm... what shall I have? salmon? grilled chicken? shrimp? salad? mixed vegetables? of course nothing fried, no bread, small amount of salad dressing. I will post later about my daily food intake. So... today was day 4 of Jen's challenge. I am with you girl!! I will leave you with a photo of my daughter, two sons, granddaughter and niece and great niece. My daughter went to visit her cousinand her family in College Station and her brother who is a student at Texas A&M. My older son happened to be there for a softball tournament. I loved that my kids enjoyed being with one another. I hope that they can stay connected with extended family too.

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Jen said...

What a BEAUTIFUL family!! I'm so glad you're doing the challenge with me! We're almost halfway done! YAY!!! Keep up the great work!