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Monday, November 23, 2009

Day 65-P90X- Substitution

Yeah... you got that right. I am considering this a P90X because I did a workout that was similar. I just cannot make myself do that hour and a half of yoga. So I did Denise Austin's Pilates workout. I had done her yoga before and did not like it. The pilates was 45 minutes long. She did slow down a little and did not rush through quite as much as she did the yoga video. I do consider that I got a good core workout with some yoga moves mixed in. And I have to confess Jen that I missed the workout on Saturday and Sunday. I got busy with friends and chores. So tomorrow I do not know exactly what I will be doing. I have been busy all day today cleaning out my closet. I also cooked a ham and made some potato salad and cooking beans now for our dinner for tomorrow night. My youngest son got in tonight but did not make it here to the house. He went hunting and stayed out at our deer camp with his dad. But he and dh will be back home tomorrow night for dinner. And... I work all day on Tuesday; hence, cooking supper tonight for tomorrow. We can eat that tomorrow and on Wednesday when I will be preparing for Thanksgiving.

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