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Monday, February 11, 2008

A Beautiful Weekend

What a beautiful weekend we had! The temperature was cool in the morning and warmer in the afternoon. Just the kind of day that begs you to come and enjoy it- walking, running, biking, hiking, gardening, whatever... you fill in the blank. I did just that on Sunday. I went for a bike ride, not too far, less than 10 miles, but it was great, nevertheless. Today I did double duty. I made it to the pool. I bit the bullet and jumped in and took off, and it felt great. I made it 20 laps before going to my fitness fusion class. And yes.... I was very tired after I finished with it. But I have the sense of doing something good for my body. I must have a very slow metabolism because I am in my 5th week, and I am just now recognizing some changes. And mind you these are not drastic- a few pounds, but definitely some inches. I have not measured, but I do know that my clothes are not as smug. But I cannot let that be my motivation or I would have quit by now. I am determined to continue all my life with some sort of exercise because it is GOOD for me! And.... it makes me feel good. The weather is looking like rain; therefore, I will probably miss walking today. Tomorrow is spinning class, and I am ready to sweat!

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