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Friday, February 29, 2008

Trying to Catch Up

I am still trying to catch up on my lack of sleep. I can go through my normal routine of working at my job and home, but when I exercise, I feel the lack of stamina. I do certainly realize that your body needs sleep. As I said Monday, I stayed away from my class and tried to jog on the treadmill. I found it to be difficult, and walking even tired me out. Tuesday I did go to my spin class, but it was hard too. Wednesday I went to FF class, and Thursday I skipped the spinning class and made it 24 laps in the pool. Today I made it to my FF class. I think some of my friends think I do too much, but when I read of others that are in "training", they are doing much more than me. I am still laying off the Dr. Peppers. I have an occasional Diet Coke. Usually it is water that I am drinking. And I do realize that I still consume too many calories. I hope to change my lifestyle in this regard and eat more fruit (which I seldom eat) and vegetables (which I need to eat more of). I seldom have anything sweet, so that is not a problem. I do continue to feel very fit even though I still am engaged in the "battle of the bulge". Tomorrow is Saturday and I do hope to do some sort of activity. I also hope that anyone reading this log of my exercise is encouraged to keep up with their program. We don't have to look at one another and compare ourselves. We are all different and we know what we can and cannot do. But I hope that I am a reminder to everyone that they must be doing something to fight this premature aging that is a result of a sedintary lifestyle. So... keep moving, at your own pace, and think of exercise as the fountain of youth.

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