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Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Today after my workout, I felt energized. That is because today, I skipped my spinning class and did the yoga class. For some reason this morning, I just did not feel up to sweating and breathing hard, so I decided to do the yoga class. This class involved alot of stretching. When I finished, I was totally energized. I left there to go to work, and I felt fantastic. You know.... you just have to listen to what your body tells you, and my body was telling me to skip the spinning. I am glad I did. After work today, I made it to my neck of the woods in time to meet two of my walking partners, and we did have time to make it 4 miles. The temperature was in the 70's- wind pants and tee shirt. I talked to a friend who backpacks quite a bit, and she walks with a weighted backpack. I figure this is a good way to get my heart rate up if I only plan to walk. Of course I can get it up with running, but lately I have not felt my knees could stand the running. So... I think in the next few days, I will take a backpack "slightly" weighted to see if that works for me. I am enjoying doing new and different things as I go on this exercise journey. I am certainly not bored!

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