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Friday, February 1, 2008

Circuit Training

Today our trainer Ryan was coming back from feeling weak from a respiratory infection. He explained to us that he was not feeling well enough to partcipate in our regular class. Therefore, he only demonstrated to us what he wanted us to do on each of our stations in our circuit training. There were 20 stations. We would be trying to do a maximum of 20 repetitions per station, and when we moved from station to station we would alternate with either regular lunges or side lunges. Of course through all of this we were not to stop, but continue in order to get a good cardio workout. We worked our abs, our chest, our shoulders, our legs, our triceps, and our biceps. Some of the stations I was able to do 20, but there were a few I could only do 15. Yes, I did get my heart rate up, I sweated, I was breathless, and my muscles were tired. It was constant and the time went quickly. I totally enjoyed our circuit training. I learned new exercises to do for different body parts. Leave it to Ryan to keep things interesting. Okay... this is now 3 weeks of 5 days each week I have now completed. I know that you must do something for 21-28 days (depending on who you talk to) for something to become a habit, so I am almost there. I just know that even when I want to miss, I don't! And then I am so glad that I didn't. Keep up the good work!

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