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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Cycling in France

Well I had a great ride today in France. Well not actually. Our trainer Casey gave us a pretend story for our ride today. We were in a cycling race viewing the beautiful countryside of France. We saw some very pretty scenery, and we had to race hard to pass all the riders on the race. I wore my HRM today so I did know that I was probably in my 90% of my maximum heart rate. I could come up off my saddle (seat), but not for too many times. It was a great ride- I was sweating and my quadriceps were burning, but when I finished I was not exhausted. Yesterday I did make it on my 4 mile walk. I love to walk when the outside temperature is in the 50's. Would you believe for about 5 minutes we even experienced sleet? Still no weight loss for about 2 weeks now. I do know I am shifting things around though because my clothes are fitting different. In another month I will retake my measurements. Yes, it is difficult to keep motivated when the scales don't show it. But I do know that I feel good, neither my back nor my knees are bothering me. So.... I will continue on, and I hope you will continue with me. Don't get discouraged! Keep on keeping on!

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