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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Feeling good

Yeah, I am feeling good! Just having that feeling of accomplishment. You all know what I am talking about. When you are working your muscles and you have sweated and had a good workout, it definitely gives you that feeling of accomplishment. The best way to feel good about yourself with your exercise is to compare you to you. Are you getting better than you were last week? Are you able to work harder (increase intensity), last longer ( increase endurance) or do more ( increase repetitions)? We try not to compare ourselves to other people. If we do, let's only do that in a positive tone. We can use others as a goal we want to accomplish. But don't let what others are doing discourage you. You keep working hard, and you will get better and better. Today I did make it to my swim. Hey.... I had to because I had made myself accountable by telling you yesterday that I would. I swam 24 laps. I am not going to exhaust myself so I am still not swimming all of this with the crawl. Here was what I did. I did sets of four. The first set was crawl down there, breast stroke back. The second set was crawl down there each time and back one of four ways- side stroke on left side, side stroke on right side, breast stroke, and back stroke. Then repeat until I had done 24 laps. Then I made it to fitness fusion. We used the medicine ball today with lots of twists. We worked our abs, we did some lunges, and we did alot of planking along with some pushups. I plan to walk this afternoon. Yes, I know that this does take time. And right now I am probably spending more time than most people. But I say, spend an hour a day. I mean you have 24 hours. Somewhere work it in even if you have to divide it into segments. Okay.... don't know what tomorrow will bring. I love getting your comments and emails. Let me know what you are doing.

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