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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Swimming and Yoga

Today was certainly different from my normal routine. I had a difficult time getting myself going because I stayed up too late. My alarm sounded at 5:00 am, but I did not arise until 6:00. I got all my stuff together and made it to swim and was able to swim for about 20 minutes. This was a good cardio workout. The pool is indoors, and it was the perfect temperature. Yes, it is hard to make yourself put on a swimsuit and jump into the pool when the temperature outside is 40 degrees. But the water is around 82 degrees. I had enough time to do 16 laps. That was enough to raise my heart rate enough, and it felt great! When I first started swimming in June, I could only make it 1 length ( 1/2 lap) without stopping and I was gasping for air. So, I do know that I have improved. I have made it all the way to 36 laps. I did not want to overdo it today so I optioned to attend a Yoga class instead of the Spinning class. I was the only one in the class so I had my own private trainer teaching me Yoga. It was very refreshing and I did lots of stretching. I learned a completely new stretch for my shoulders, which is where I seem to really have the tension and the tightness. I left feeling totally relaxed and refreshed, and ready for the day. The weather here is cold and dreary looking, but my body has a bounce in my step, and I feel great!

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