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Sunday, January 13, 2008


Today I went for my walk on a Sunday afternoon. I decided since I am wanting to build up to jogging to start earlier than my walking partner for this afternoon. I arrived at 4:30 and began walking at 4:35. Yes, I am one of those precise people that have to have the exact time. I walked for 5 minutes to warm my muscles up. Then I wanted to jog for 10 minutes, but only made it for 5. Oh well, we all have to start somewhere. I will increase my time as time goes along. By the time I had turned around and made it back to my beginning point, my walking partner for today, Mrs. D was there. We walked approximately 45 minutes. Mrs. D is just getting started back to walking after a long absence. Yes, I walked slower than I normally do, but it was great to have the company. We did a little bit of interval walking where we took it up a notch and walked faster for a minute, slowed it down, and repeated that a few times. The temperature was nice. It was cool so that we had to have a sweatshirt. If you have not exercised in awhile, get to walking. Walking is convenient, relaxing, relieves stress, and you can go fast or slow- you set the pace. Tomorrow morning begins my first day of fitness fusion. I may be able to walk with my neighborhood buddies tomorrow afternoon. It feels good just to be able to get going. I thank God that I am able to do whatever I can still do. I hope to accomplish more as time goes on.

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