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Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Yesterday afternoon I did make it to walk, and also I jogged for an extra minute, so I am up to 6 minutes of jogging. The cold air was hard on my lungs, but I am determined to continue. Last week I tried out the spinning class to see if I could keep up. My youngest son told me that it would be the best cardio workout and that I needed to do this. So today was my first official class. For those of you who no little about spinning, I will enlighten you. The room is darkened with a black light. There are several ( probably 12) stationary bikes in the room. An instructor is on his bike at the front of the room. There is a big screen and it is playing a video of traveling down a road- could be in town, in the country, on a mountain. You are viewing this as if you are traveling on the bike and that is what you are seeing. Music is playing and I think each song lasts about 4-5 minutes. When you begin, you have very little tension on your bike. You are warming up. Your instructor will then give instructions to tighten your tension. You may be traveling at an easy pace, and then you pick up the speed and you are not using extra tension, but you are going more revolutions per minute. Or you may increase the tension and have to stand up out of your seat because you are going up a steep hill. Regardless- you are getting your heart rate up, and you are sweating. I could peddle the entire 45 minutes, but I did not do all of the drills. I know my body, and I know when my heart rate is up too high. Our trainer Ryan emphasized what I feel is the most important aspect of exercise. And that is CONSISTENCY!!!! So, I plan to continue to be consistent in my program. I hope you do too!!

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