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Monday, January 14, 2008


Denial- is that a bad word? What does it mean to deny ourselves? I mean afterall, we are inudated from an early age in this culture to indulge, not deny. We have been told to "reach for all the gusto you can", "you deserve a break today", "you're worth it". You know all those sayings and that we are entitled. But exactly what has this mode of thinking done to us. I think that it encourages us to be more self-centered. So..... how about this week we just deny ourselves something. Now it does not count if you deny yourself something that you do not like anyway. It has to be something that you love. I can think of some that my friends (or me) really like. How about chocolate? Dr. Pepper? a Diet Vanilla coke from Sonic, a glass of wine, chips and hot sauce from your favorite restaurant, a cookie, or donut? You get what I mean. Now, I have not even mentioned activities like the computer, a television show, ESPN, etc. So, how about it? I have denied myself Dr. Peppers for about 2 weeks now. Well, maybe you think this is dumb and why should I deny myself, I am worth it! I just thought it would be a good exercise for self control. And yes, I agree with you, you are worth it!


Tish said...

Denial...I agree Dee, it is something we are told in today's world that we shouldn't apply to ourselves. However, that is contrary to the Word of God. Fasting is denying the flesh. Our church has a fasting day once a month, which I am committing to try and participate in more often this year. We are fasting for our lost loved ones, and I think EVERYONE has someone they care about that is lost.
Fasting doesnt have to be about going without food/water for a period of time, but rather denying ourselves an important fleshly pleasure in order to spend time with God. I will fast tomorrow from solid foods and anything sweet. I will only allow fruits and liquids and will pray throughout the day for my Dad's salvation and for my daughter to come up out of the pigpen and back into her "right mind" as the prodigal son did.

casey said...

I like this one....I think I'll deny chocolate. I already threw all that chocolate I had away yesterday! Sounds chocolate for me!