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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Cold and Rainy

It is cold and rainy in the deep east Texas pineywoods. Yesterday I completed my second full week at Synergy. This time in my fitness fusion class we used the resistance bands. We did some of the exercises alone, and then we grouped with a partner. There was a lot of ughs and grunting going on as we used the resistance bands and our partners were pulling us toward them and we were pulling away from them. It was a great workout. Many of the exercises we are doing involve very little equipment- dumbbells, bar, elastic bands, styrofoam rollers and a mat. This means that we can do great benefit to ourselves by using this inexpensive equipment at home instead of "renting" the gym equipment. However, this takes lots of discipline to do this at home! And I can tell you that I do struggle in that area. But I just say, do what works for you. We are all different and we all like different types of exercise, doing it at different settings, and at different times of the day. I love to begin my day with exercise and then I know I have done it and I am good to go. Then later in the day if I feel good, I can do more. But if I wait and skip in the morning, many times I am just too lazy to do it later in the day. Yes, getting up early in the morning to go swim or sweat or exert myself is still very difficult. I just keep saying to myself that "I am resolved to do this." Do what works for you, but do something.

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