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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Keeping Up

Today was my second time in the fitness fusion class. Yes, I am keeping up! Today we worked again with the bar. Also we used a small weighted ball. We also used the stryrofoam half roller. Many of our exercises were standing on one foot either on the floor holding the weighted ball or on the roller. We definitely were having to work those core muscles to keep our balance. We did lots of twisting and bending with the bar. I am still using the lightest bar, but I can see as time goes on I will graduate to a heavier bar. Right now it is more important that I do all the exercises perfect with the less weight than go up on weight and do the exercises sloppy and incorrectly. We also did floor exercises, again working our core, by planking ourselves. I think these moves would be in the yoga category, but they might be Pilates. Anyway, I recognize lots of these exercises because they are what the chiropractor would recommend. They will definitely help strengthen those abdominable and lower back muscles. I am just glad that right now I am keeping up, and getting better all the time!!

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