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Saturday, January 12, 2008

My first day

Well, today I learned how to make a blog. I thought I would keep this like a journal. I so desire to be healthy and continue with my weight loss. I am about to start my new exercise program on Monday. I have exercised for years, but next week I will be more dedicated and I am doing classes to help me in this endeavor. Two days will be spent in a spinning class, and the other days will include "Fitness Fusion". This is a 45 minute class where we could possibly use dumbbells, a bar, a ball, or a styrofoam roller. I have done this class before. It is mainly for core strength training. I am using this blog to record the exercises that I do. Well, so much for my first day. You all check in with me. I hope to give others encouragement as well as receive encouragement from each of you.


casey said...

I like your blog...Nice!

Carol said...

I LOVE IT! Go DEE.... You inspire me.