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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sunday doings

Well, the reason I created this blog was to chart my exercise progress and how I feel regarding my workout and my weight loss, but I can't let this be all my blog is about. Even though this will continue to be my focus. So if those that know me feel I am not writing about this or that, remember this is about my exercise and diet. I will write other things about how I feel and what I think and my faith and walk with God will come through. But that is not what this blog is about. I want to hear what others are doing that is helpful and beneficial. And I want to make this an encouragement to them. Today I got up and went to church and then to a funeral. So... I just got home and it is almost 3:00pm. I have a walk scheduled at 5:00 with my neighborhood walking group. It is about 60 degrees here in the east Texas piney woods, and when you are going down this tree-lined country road it is quite shady and becomes dark early in the day. The good part about this road nestled in among the trees is that there will be very little wind that can come through. I hope to finish shortly with my writing and reading my emails and try and do some jogging before I meet up with them. Oh, did I mention yet that I am not really a jogger? Just a wannabe. I have jogged before, even though I can walk almost as fast. But in recent months my knees have bothered me. My big goal is to do a triathlon. I started swimming in June. I can swim pretty good and for quite a decent time. However, I have yet to swim in open water. I hope to soon meet up with others at a lake to do an open water swim. I know I can last the distance in the water. I know I can bike ride the distance required. The 3.2 miles to jog is not something I have accomplished yet. But hey...give me time. I am writing this and hoping that whoever reads this will hold me accountable. Now, I have another story to write, but I gotta quit so I can put a title to it.

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