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Monday, February 4, 2008


Today I overslept. Now that is something that I never do because whether my alarm goes off or not, I usually am awake by 5:30. But today, I did not wake up until 6:40. I had to be at my class at 7:15; therefore, I was in a rush. I did okay in my class, but I was rather sluggish. It is so important before doing any exercise that your blood is flowing good, and you are stretched good. When you get older you need to warm those muscles up or you can easily get an injury. And right now I am gungho on this exercising- I don't want an injury to stop me. Friday afternoon I did go for my 4 mile walk. I did make it all 5 days last week in my classes and also in my walking. Saturday and Sunday were days of rest for me. I am staying focused and committed and I hope to even add something else to my routine. Lately I have been drinking more Dr. Pepper, and I do enjoy an occasional glass of wine. Wednesday marks the first day of Lent. No Dr. Pepper or wine for me. This is what my sacrifice will be. Okay, today is Monday and we can start our week off with moving, moving, moving. Let's get our bodies going doing something.

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