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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Finally Posting

Gosh, it has been almost a week since I posted. I might have to rename this blog. My daughter surprised me and came to town this past weekend so I did not get to exercise this weekend. Again.... I did not get much sleep, due to catching up with her. But on Monday, I made it to FF. I did go for a walk, but the weather was much colder and windier than I anticipated. I was finally warming up as I was walking, but I got my shoes wet, and I did not want to walk further in wet shoes. So instead of 4 miles, I made it about 2 miles. On Tuesday, I did make it to my spin class. Today, I planned to do double duty and go for a swim before my FF class. NOT!!!!!
I was feeling so good sleeping that I just did not want to get up. But.... I do plan to go in a couple of hours to swim and then back home for a 4 mile walk. Now, I guess I am in either week 7 or 8 in my exercise, and I seldom get sore. But yesterday my quadriceps and my glutes and hamstrings were sore! We did lots of lunges- front lunges, side lunges, and back lunges with a twist. This has got to be what did it to me. Okay, tomorrow is spin class. I am making all of this a habit and trying not to lose enthusiasm. It is great to be able to move and to have lots of energy- exercise will do that for you.

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