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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Working Your Core

My fitness fusion class works alot of different muscles, but the primary group we work is our core muscles. This is essentially the abdominal muscles- upper, lower, oblique, internal, external- there are lots of muscles here. Always when you are doing exercise, you want to think about holding your belly button in. This takes the stress off of your back muscles which will try to do the work if you let them. My trainers keep telling us that if you hold your belly button in often enough, it will have a memory and it will start to do it without you even thinking about it. And they are right. Many times when I am about to hold mine in, it is already in. The fitness fusion class works muscles that you need in your normal everyday life- bending, squatting, reaching, pulling, pushing, lifting, stretching, and lunging. Though my weight is not coming off, I continue to see progress in my strength and stamina. Of course I would like both, but if I have to choose, I would much rather be stronger and give out less and have fewer injuries than just losing weight. So.... I continue to do what I do to be a better me. There is just no replacement for being fit- not even being thin.

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Tish said...

Oh, the weakest spot! I have started ab exercises and Pilates over the past week, and I can tell you that it has helped make me more conscious of the holding in the belly button thing. I have used muscles in there that havent be stimulated since my days in gymnastics! I am excited that these exercises are going to improve my posture and my riding ability, as well as shaping my middle from super flabby to less flabby. I am so encouraged by your committment to exercise Dee! Keep it up!
My change in eating habits has been the hardest thing for me, or it was at first. It is much easier to FUEL my body correctly than to just eat something - WHATever was around mostly - than it was when I started. I thought I was going to die before I got rid of those nasty sugar cravings. Now I dont crave chocolate and a nap in the afternoons, I look forward to being fueled up for our 5pm, 5mile walk/jog! I have more energy than I have had in years and approaching 39 doesnt seem quite as dismal.