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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Exercise Can Be Fun

You all do know that exercise can be fun. I must say that exercising alone is just not alot of fun for me. Being in these classes and having so much variety makes the class alot more fun. Watching people of all sizes and ages working toward a common goal is just a good thing. You know I started swimming last June. Swimming is hard, but it can also be fun. I got my bike last summer, and bike riding can be fun. Unlike plain ole exercise, bike riding is fun even if you are alone. It just feels good to be riding on a beautiful day with the wind blowing your hair. Now, my new summer exercise is going to be canoeing. We are looking into either borrowing one or buying one. I love to be on the lake or river and paddle a canoe. I can't wait. I also have another idea- after being at the softball park last Saturday (where I rode on the bike trail), I want to take my skates and spend some time burning some calories skating around the park. I do have elbow and knee pads, and wearing a helmet might not be a bad idea- at least until I get better at it. Maybe, I can even try again to water ski. You see how exercise can be fun. And hey... don't forget some of the most fun and best exercise there is- dancing!! You can do this in a class, with a partner, in a line, by yourself, in your bedroom, at a wedding, a reunion- dance, dance, dance, and see how you work up a sweat and what fun you will have!

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