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Monday, March 24, 2008

Spinning is Ending

I found out today that my 7:15 spinning class is ending. There is not enough participation in this class so they are cancelling it. I will have to go at a different time or do something different. I have options that I will try. I could just quit the spinning altogether and make this the day that I swim. I could join another class. I definitely know that the spinning class has helped me in my cardio stamina and also helped me for when I want to do a real bike ride. I seldom have a hard time pedaling after what I go through in the spinning class. Today our trainer Xand thought he needed to make our FF class harder than Friday's. Like I mentioned before, on Friday it was such a workout that I sweated up a storm. Well today was a repeat. And I could just not do some of the pushups he had us do. He wanted us to go down in the pushup to a slow count of five and then pop back up and go down again. I think he wanted us to do 8 of them, and I might have done 3. Very, very hard!!! So if your routine is starting to be easy, then try this variation of the pushup. I no longer do the "girl" pushups- you know where you start from the knees instead of the feet. But I am still not great at them. I cannot go all the way down to the floor. I do keep my body planked correctly with my hips down, but I cannot go all the way where my chin touches the floor. I do always try to do the proper form on my exercises. Today I increased my weight with the dumbbells to 8 lbs. I hope to be able to continue to do the exercises properly with a heavier weight. Oh, and by the way... I did have my much missed Dr. Pepper today! Yes, it was very good, but I plan to quit them altogether. I now know that I can do without them and so I plan to eliminate them from my diet. My walking friends last week increased the walk to 5 miles. So today I joined them and we walked that 5 miles. It is amazing that the more you get in shape and walk, walk, walk, the easier a longer distance is. Actually the 5 miles was really no different than the 4 miles other than we were walking longer. We talked about increasing the distance vs. increasing the speed. Since a couple of us would rather not spend as much time walking due to other responsibilities, we favor increasing our walking speed. What about you, are you constantly changing, getting better, doing more, challenging yourself? Don't you want to say, "I'm not getting older, I'm getting better!" Hey... I do too!

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