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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Encouraging or Nagging

I have to ask myself," Am I coming across as encouraging or nagging?" I don't know if it depends on what or say or who I am talking to. I don't know if it has to do with me who is doing the talking or the person who is doing the listening. For example, if I say anything to my husband about exercising, is it coming across to him as me trying to encourage him to get started, or does he think about it as something else for me to nag about? But... if one of his friends would say the same thing, then it would not be a nag. I have come to the conclusion that my words need to be few or none at all. I just need to keep being the example. This means that he sees me getting out of bed early in the morning, getting my gear together, and walking out the door to my exercise class. No words are needed. He knows where I am going and what I am doing. I will continue to do what I am doing, and I don't need to say a word. When he gets to the point that I got to a few years ago, he will get going.

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