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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Local Bike Trail

I made it to my FF class on Friday. It was spent doing more circuit training in several different stations. Most of the exercises were working on our core and our triceps and biceps. I had quite a workout, but found that I seem to be stronger than I thought I was. I like that we continue to mix things up, and my class never becomes boring. Yesterday was a beautiful day although it was still cold, especially with the wind blowing. My walking partner mentioned taking our bikes into town to our new local bike trail. I had never been on this trail before, but I knew that it was a mountain bike trail, and I would not be riding fast on it. I debated whether I should wear a helmet or something to keep my head and ears warm. She seemed to think that I would not need the helmet. Well, let me tell you.... I was certainly challenged on this bike ride! It was going up and down small hills, going through wet and muddy terrain, crossing narrow bridges, dodging trees and working my quadriceps to keep my bike from stalling. I felt like the trip was 15 miles long, and was surprised when I learned that it was only 3.6 miles. I did not time myself, so I am not sure how long it took me to ride it. But I did really enjoy it! The volunteers who made this course did a great job, and I will look forward to riding it again. Tomorrow my schedule changes in that I work tomorrow when I am usually off. However, that does not mean a day off of exercise. So.... FF is tomorrow, and if I feel good I may do double duty tomorrow and swim too. Hmmmmm.... I don't know..... this is the beginning of daylight savings time, and my body just does not adapt to these time changes. We shall see what tomorrow shall bring.

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