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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Don't Forget the Weekend

Hey, don't forget to do some exercise on the weekend. I am saying that to myself because I have to schedule it in. Since I don't have a class on the weekend, I don't feel accountable to anyone. Therefore; I must remember that exercise counts on weekends too. Yesterday I managed to make it on a leisurely 10 mile bike ride. I went with a friend who just recently got a bike and has only gone 6 miles. So, I did not push myself to make it in a certain amount of time. We just got out on my walking road and enjoyed the beautiful weather. She did not tell me until afterward that she had been worried she could not make it this far, but I knew better anyway. She works out regularly, and I know pretty soon she will probably be passing me up. Anyway, although it was not strenuous, it was great to get some Vitamin D and work those muscles instead of sitting on the sofa or spending money shopping. Last Thursday I skipped my spin class to make it to my weekly swim. I made it 24 laps and changed up my routine somewhat. I am trying to get where I completely swim doing the crawl instead of other strokes. This time I did a sequence of 4 crawls up there and back, then 4 crawls up there and breast stroke back, then 4 crawls up there and left side, right side, breast stroke, back stroke coming back. I repeated this until I had done 24. Friday was FF, and again we were doing circuit training- lots of lunges, balancing, some flys, pushups, throwing the medicine ball. I was sore in my chest this weekend from this workout. Tomorrow is FF and I am looking forward to it. I just love the variety my trainers provide, and I love mixing it up at home. You all keep it up, tomorrow starts a new work week. So if you haven't started yet, do it tomorrow!

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