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Friday, November 14, 2008

Exercise and Excitement

Okay, I gotta make this fast. Wednesday was FF, and today was FF. Yesterday I did not get myself together enough to get any exercise in. It just seems like when I am at home I have too many distractions. Earlier this week, my daughter told me about a friend extending her an invitation to attend a benefit. This is a dinner for Saturday night which is at the Dallas Anatole, and the entertainment will be the group Chicago. When my daughter told that she was going I exclaimed how excited I was for her. She, of course, does not really know their music. Well...Chicago happens to be one of my favorite groups. I don't even know how many original members are in the group. All I know is that recently when I got an ipod and put songs on it, I had several from Chicago put on it. Well.. today while I was grocery shopping my daughter calls me. She told me that she had told her friend how neat I thought that was about this event. Her friend said, "well let me see if I can get another ticket." And she did... oh yeah... alright... I am so excited.. and I just can't help it... I'm about to lose control and I think I like it! Seriously, I am really thrilled that I am going tomorrow to Dallas to see Chicago. (it doesn't take much for this country girl). So..... I will be gone until Sunday, and I will be sure and have some photos for when I return.


Lee Ann said...

You go girl!!!!!

Packsaddle said...

Don't forget your lighter!