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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Things That Annoy Me

I know this sounds negative, but I was just thinking of some of the things that annoy me.
1. At the top of my list is smacking- smacking food yes, but especially smacking gum and popping it. Is there anything more annoying and showing no manners.
2. Hearing someone tap a pencil, click a pen ( you know it writes, it doesn't write), shuffling their feet, clipping their fingernails in public place
3. People who do not return their shopping buggies at the grocery store to the cart storage. Come on, don't be so lazy.
4. People who make an excuse for everything.
5. People who are habitually late. I know we can all be late for appointments, but not as a habit.
6. People who take your money and never make eye-contact ( you know cashiers)
7. People in front of you walking in a store that let the door hit you in the face.
8. People who think they can piggy-back through a four way stop sign when it is your turn.
9. People who use obscene language in public places.
10. People who cut in line.
11. Telemarketers
12. Litterers and people who dump garbage on country roads.
13. Drivers who weave in front of you when there was only a car length between you and the next car anyway.
14. Drivers not using a blinker.
15. Barking dogs.
16. People that throw gum out for you to step in.
Hmmm... I thought this list would be longer. Can you think of others?


Lee Ann said...

I hear you know what my #1 is....SMACKING!

Dee said...

You forgot to mention someone accidentally putting mayonaise on your burger. hahaha

Jen's Journey said...

OH I can think of a TON of things!! Being over here you see allot of stuff that drives me crazy!!!

Thank you for your comment Dee! I need to remember that it is ok to go slow at this time! I want to heal so that I can move forward strong and ready to go!

Glad you are enjoying seeing my meals! It can be hard here in that there are not too many options of things to eat, but I try my best to keep it healthy and balanced with the occasional treat :)

Blessings today! Reach high!!