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Sunday, November 9, 2008

A New Week

Gosh... A new week about to start, and I see that I have not posted since last Wednesday. I think on Thursday I had planned to post and my dh invited me to go to the deer camp with him. I went out there and he cooked for me. Isn't it nice when someone else does the cooking and the cleaning up? We had salad and a gigantic ground venison pattie. Yum... he put it on the grill, and I promise it was probably about 10 ounces. Errands had me side-tracked so I did not get in any exercise. But I made up for it on Friday. I swam 32 laps (again without touching the sides). I swam for 43 minutes, and then I went on to my FF class. So there you go- a two-a-day that I have not done in quite awhile. Friday I received some unexpected news. My family's beach condo in Galveston had originally been listed in "good" condition. The management company called and let me know that after the engineer had been in there, there was moisture and so they are going to have to demolish my kitchen. Since the condo had recently been upgraded and their insurance would not pay for the upgrade, it was necessary for me to go and remove my new kitchen cabinet doors. I was so thankful to a friend who went with me and helped me remove these. I was not prepared for the way our condo looked- the framing in the walls was showing, the beams in the ceiling were showing. All the furniture was in the middle of the room covered in plastic, and the carpet was all ripped up in the living room. Well... hmm.... can you spell S-T-R-E-S-S? Galveston looked much better than I thought. I saw walkers, bike riders and we were able to eat at one of my favorite restaurants- Casey's. There is still debris on the side of the road, and I did not drive around much and look because we had somewhere else we wanted to go.

Today was the first day of our revival at church and our hearts were blessed. Lots of great music and good preaching. Today my boss called and invited me for a bike ride. We went on some country backroads and went about 16 1/2 miles. It was a beautiful fall day to be on a bike. Tomorrow is FF. Maybe I can make it to swim too.

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