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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Just Start It

I have a new mantra that is better than "Just Do It." It is "Just Start It". I could be speaking about alot of things, but I am talking about exercise. Are you like me? Is getting started the hardest part? Once I start my routine, be it swimming, fitness fusion class, weight lifting, running, biking, walking, whatever.... I do great. I have to push myself to "just start it". Friday before I went to the hunting camp, I considered going swimming. The place where I swim is only open for short periods during the day. On Friday afternoon, they were open from 2:00-4:00. I was trying to get my car all packed up and it was after 3:00. Even as I drove toward town, I was still debating whether or not I was going to swim. I gave myself every excuse... I had the dog with me who would have to wait in the car... I would have to rush to get my workout in.... I 'm tired... I already did my FF class....blah..blah...blah. Excuses...excuses...excuses... So what was the problem? The problem is GETTING STARTED!!!! So I made myself drive to the pool. I found some shade where I could park so the dog would be comfortable. I hurriedly ran in and changed into my swimsuit. I looked at the clock and it was 3:30. I had 30 minutes to swim and get out of there. So I plunged ahead. I even found myself swimming faster than I usually do. I swam until 3:58 and made 20 laps and was putting my clothes on (over my swimsuit) in the parking lot. I was so proud that I had made myself do this workout. So next time you are debating the "if" about exercise, well... think about me... and .....Just Start It!!!!

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