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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

What A Weekend

I am still reeling from the weekend. It was just a fantastic weekend. My daughter and I spent all day on Saturday together. We shopped for her baby bedding. "It" is due the end of February. She and her dh have decided to be surprised and not find out the sex of the baby. So... you remember those days... you don't do pink or blue, but instead do green. Actually the bedding has all different colors in it. We had a great day of shopping and we went to lunch together. And I must say that I was quite honored that she included me to be with her and her friend. I was asked if she enjoyed Chicago, and my response was that I thought she enjoyed watching me watch Chicago more than her watchingand listening to Chicago. I just had such a great time! I am still so thankful to my daughter, her friend, and the business contact her friend had. I did not mention the fantastic auction that preceded Chicago. They had some great items up for auction, and they all did well for this benefit.

So my exercise included FF on Friday, and nothing on Saturday or Sunday. On Monday, I did not make it to FF because I had an appointment. I did nothing yesterday, and today I did make it to my class. Whoa... it looks like I am slacking off. I gotta get back doing at least 5 days a week. My foot is continuing to bother me. And to top it off, my insurance did not pay well, and I owe the doctor a couple of hundred, and still have pain!!! I would not feel so bad about being out of money if I was healed. I had one injection, and as far as I am concerned, I think that is only a temporary fix. Well, I hope that I can say I am better in another month, but this has now been bothering me for two months. My cardio is definitely suffering because of it. I think I will go and ice my foot right now.

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Packsaddle said...

I bet you didn't notice your foot hurting while you were listening to Chicago, did you?

Of course not.

Therefore, I believe we can confidently conclude that Chicago music heals foot pain.

So I suggest loading your Ipod with Chicago classics and save your money.