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Thursday, June 5, 2008


Today was a difficult today. My dog of eleven years, Chipper, had to be put to sleep. It is truly amazing that we have had Chipper for this long. You see ... I live out in the country on a farm/market road, and most of our pets have been run over. And also, when Chipper was a pup he was poisoned and he survived. The main damage to Chipper resulted in him never being one to stray after female dogs. He stayed close to home. Chipper proved to be a great watchdog. He let me know whenever anyone came down my driveway, and I am sure he has thwarted would-be thieves from entering our home. Whenever I would go out of town, I could always count on Chipper to greet me when I got out of my car. Chipper was suffering from heartworms and congestive heart failure. Because I cared so much for Chipper, I could not allow him to suffer. Yes, Chipper was a great pet, and I'm sure gonna miss him.

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Anonymous said...

Chipper sounded like a wonderful family member. It's extremely hard to let a pet go that you have had for so many years. We recently ( this past march) had to put our dog to sleep. It truely breaks your heart.
Time will mend your heart and Chipper has left you with many wonderful memories.