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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Finally writing

Well, I am finally writing on my blog. I have had a busy week. Last weekend was busy with my daughter and her husband being in town. We had a great time running errands and attending a wedding. There was no exercise for me over the weekend. I made it to FF on Monday, and then I spent the entire day cleaning out my garage and working in my flower beds. By the end of the day, I was pretty tired. I woke up early (3:45) on Tuesday morning, went back to sleep and got up at 4:45 so I could make it to my spinning class. Needless to say, by the end of the day I was very tired. I was sound asleep by 8:30. I made it to FF on Wednesday. But today... well.... I just smack-dab turned that alarm off and got up later and drank my coffee and read the paper and did a Sudoku and watched my week 5 of my Bible study and did not get in a hurry. In other words, I missed doing swimming or spinning. I did; however, go over to my son't house and did a small amount of yardwork for him while he is out of town. I also got some flowers to put out. I hope that maybe later today I can make it on a bike ride. It is funny, when you skip your exercise, and you make it a habit, then when you miss, you feel sooooooooooooooo GUILTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I also went by the bike shop today because I really do want to get a road bike. I am looking at a Fuji Absolute. They think that for my needs that this would be a good selection for me. Of course, I also know that this is a "want", and not necessarily a "need". Do any of you have trouble with treating yourself? I am really a pretty low maintainance kinda gal. And I can certainly justify the more I save from going to the pharmacy or the doctor, the more I can spend on exercise. Hmmm... makes sense to me. So tonight, I hope to get a good night's sleep and be going strong tomorrow either at FF or at swimming or both. What about you, are you getting to that stage where you feel guilty if you don't do something physical, are you going from thinking about exercise to getting up and doing it? Wherever you are, start now and get going. You will feel better and know that you are doing your body good. Get going!!!!!

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Terry said...

so glad you called the other day--yes we need to go for a ride when i get home! I've been walking up and down the streets(huge hills!!) so maybe i won't be in quite so much pain when i return to the gym!

I am sitting in a tiny quaint coffee shop, taking a mental break from my duty. I've been watching the bike riders,(there are sooo many), and thinking how much fun it would be to hike and bike up here. Maybe we can do it sometime! It is just beautiful up here!