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Tuesday, June 17, 2008


You know I have written before about how I love men and how I love women. I guess you could say that I just love people. I work in a dentist office, and I love to talk to the people whom I serve in this regard. The majority of the people that I see are born and raised in east Texas, and believe me these are great people with big hearts. But I do meet people from other parts of the country and sometimes other parts of the world. I like to hear their stories, their perspective on life, about their families, their advice, their struggles, their accomplishments.... you name it, and I love to hear it. Sometimes I am like a beautician and I hear probably "way too much". But I get to learn from these people. I guess they can sense my ignorance on alot of subjects, and my eagerness to be enlightened. I was just thinking about all of this before going to bed. I am thankful for my job and I am thankful for the people that God brings into my life through my work. I might not have ever met them any other way. What about the people God brings in your life? Don't you know it is not merely by chance, but orchestrated by Him? Start taking advantage of the people that you meet along this journey of life.


Packsaddle said...

First of all, I didn't realize they even had dentists in East Texas.

(ha ha?)

Secondly, how do you have sustained dialogue with your patients?

Every time I go the dentist, the Hygienist wants me to discuss my life story, which goes something like this:

Hygienist: "So, how is your job going?"

Me: "Wawaaawaw? Waahaawaw waaahhaaha, wahhaw waaaaaawaaaaw!"

Hygienist: "No kidding? I can't believe your boss would do something like that."

Me: "Wawwwaahaw."

Despite my efforts, I have yet to master the art of dental chair conversation, especially with a variety of sharp, metallic instruments shoved inside my mouth.

However, I now realize Hygienists have mastered the art of interpreting foreign languages.

Dee said...

Definitely we are good at understanding "garbled" talk from the patient. But there are times when I get through early and they have time to talk. I always love to ask questions and I receive great information. You need to take another trip to east Texas. It is not Austin, but it is beautiful and the people are kind and considerate.