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Monday, June 30, 2008

Spark People

Okay, I told you all last week about the new website I found called It has been great for me. I don't know how long I will be able to do this because it does require some time for me to log in everything that I eat. But I am happy to report my success after one week. I lost 3 lbs.!! Yea!!! That is something for me since I have such a difficult time losing weight. I have had such a feeling of "confidence" by this new discipline in my eating. Now maybe I would not feel so great if there was no weight loss, which I am sure some weeks may not show up. But even without the weight loss, I just have such a good feeling about how I have disciplined myself this week. I had already pretty much conquered that with the exercise part of healthy living, but as I have often said, the nuitritional aspect has been more of a problem for me. I am encouraging all my friends to try this. There is no having to look up how many points, calories, carbs, fats, or proteins. I find that many days I eat the same thing- oatmeal for breakfast with a banana, mixed green salad, salad dressing, etc. I can type these in my favorites and it takes me less time to get them entered. Any of you that have regular access to a computer will truly love this program. You can track your fitness and know how much exercise you have done. You can post a special note for a reminder to yourself. They have recipes. There is a forum you can learn from other likewise people on this journey of fitness, health, and weight loss. Sometimes I tend to be gungho and then fizzle out. I hope that I can stay focused with this like I have my exercise. You check it out, and wish me luck!!

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