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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Lunch with Friends

Yesterday I did not make it to FF. Long boring story but I did not make it because I was having lunch with my dear unome friends. This is certainly not all of them, but a small group of us were able to meet for lunch. All three of them are teachers, and I must say they are great teachers. One of the best criterias I use for being a great teacher is loving children. They all have a heart for children, and they want to see them excel in the classroom and in their own thinking about themselves. I truly believe that God called all of them to teach. They have wonderful stories to tell- some are falling on the floor laughing stories and others are tears running down your face stories. These friends are considered the more seasoned teachers ( they are in their 50's), but they still have the passion and the drive to help their students. They discuss teacher issues sometimes when we are at lunch and I am more enlightened by their conversations. But they always are sensitive to the fact that I am not a teacher. (Well except for when I taught my own children for 5 years). But UNOME, I am one that will enter the conversation anyway and give my opinion. We had a great lunch, and we had the daughter of one of my friends join us. We called it a session of "Unome in Training." We have all been friends for along time. One of them went to kindergarten with me. But..... as I said I missed my exercise yesterday, and I thought I would get to it later. NOT. So.... I must do my exercise early in the morning- this is the best time for me.

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nancydmsw said...

Dee, I now have your blog as a favorite and look at it everyday. I loved our lunch on Friday. You inspire me to exercise more. Nancy