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Sunday, June 15, 2008


Anyone know anything about an earache? It is really wierd the kind that I have. The pain that I have experienced is not inside my ear but rather is up on top of my ear like where someone would get a second piercing. I got on the internet and typed in "ear pain". What I have deducted is that I have "swimmers' ear" which is just a bacterial infection that causes pain on the outside of the ear. It is not continuous or throbbing pain, but it feels like a shock that comes and goes. The treatment said to put a mixture of vinegar/alcohol in my ear both before swimming and after swimming. And it said to use heat on the ear. I have been doing this, and I seem to have some relief. I cannot understand though why I am being plaqued with this now since I have not been swimming in a couple of weeks. I do remember though that when my daughter was young, she would get swimmers' ear, and it was just from washing her hair. I would like to go swimming tomorrow since it has been awhile, but I really don't want this pain to come back. I did work out on Friday doing FF, and I must say that I was quite sore in my upper body- my rhomboids and deltoids. I did no exercise yesterday or today. So tomorrow is a new week and I hope to start my week out right with working out hard.

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Packsaddle said...

Be careful.

Last time I conducted a clinical self-evaluation using Google (pain in big toe) I determined I had seven days to live.

That was five years ago.

Hope you recover quickly.