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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Being Last

Have you ever been last? The last in a race? The last one picked to be on a team? The last one to make the cut? Do you know what it feels like to be last? Well.... I do know what it feels like to be last. I am the last in this spinning class. In other words... I am the worst! Yes, if we were moving I would come in last. Now, I am not looking around the room, but I can tell that everyone is doing what Xand tells them to do except me. And why? Because my heart rate is already up sky high and I know my zone. So sometimes when he says turn it up a full turn or come up out of the saddle, I ignore him and do my own thing. I am not letting peer pressure bother me either way- to hurt myself by going out of my zone, or by giving up and quitting. I am last and I am just proud to be in the running. So when you feel discouraged because you are last, think of me, and think of persevering. I intend to keep getting better and improve with my stamina and my strength in this spinning class. I know I am achieving these goals because when I go for an outdoor bike ride, I am finding that I am much stronger and give out less. This morning I began my day with my spinning class, and this afternoon I ended with a 15 mile bike ride. The wind was tough on this country road, but the breeze felt good and it was nice to enjoy the outdoors. Tomorrow is FF and I can hardly wait since I missed on Wednesday. And who knows what Saturday will bring? Rollerblading? Swimming? Walking? Biking? So many fun things to do. Fitness can be fun!

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