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Thursday, April 24, 2008

By The Way

By the way, I must mention that I did finally make it to the pool on Wednesday. I got to the pool about 6:15 am and swam for 24 laps. I had a hard time since it was my first swim in 3 weeks. You know when you are swimming and you get your heart rate up in the pool, you just don't know how hot you are. When I would stop briefly and rest, and then start again, the moment I put my face into the water I would feel the coolness of the water to my face, knowing that my face was red and sweating. Then when I finished and went to get my shower in the dressing room, I saw that yes, my face was red. I only took a shower because I had to wash the chlorine from my hair. It was then on to fitness fusion. My muscles were warmed up and I was continuing to sweat before we even started. I had a great workout. We worked on doing planks. First, with our forearms on the mat and up on our toes. You have to remember to keep your hips down so your core gets the maximum workout. We held this pose for one minute. Then we planked where we were up on our hands further than shoulder width apart. We had to lift one leg for 30 seconds and then switch them out for another 30 seconds. I had to put a knee down and start over a couple of times with this. Maybe I was tired from the swim, maybe I just am not there yet. Regardless, it was very hard for me to do. So... I did a double duty. Maybe I can do that again before too long. You all keep working hard too!!

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