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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A Milestone Reached

Yippee, today I reached a milestone! You know I have mentioned in my spinning class that I do not do everything Xand tells us to do. When he says give it a turn to the right which creates a harder ride, sometimes I do it and sometimes I don't. Remember, I am listening to my body and know what I can and cannot do. Likewise, when he says out of the saddle which means start peddling standing up like you are on a stairmaster, sometimes I do and sometimes I stay seated. Well today..... every time that Xand said out of the saddle, I was up and going. Usually the last couple of songs I just have to ride at a decent pace without lots of tension and be seated. But not today! I say all of this not to just sing my praises (yes, I was proud), but to say over time you will have these milestones of improvement. And you all know how long I have been doing this. But remember those important words- perseverance and consistency! Don't give up! Even when you feel like you are not getting those results you desire. Exercise just gives you that feeling of accomplishment and helps you to be a better you. I wish I had a photo of how I looked when I finished. I do believe this is the reddest my face had ever been. I was off work today so I decided to go on over to the pool. I mean it was 6:45 am. I planned to later visit my father-in-law in ICU so I had to kill some time anyway. I mainly swam today to cool myself. I did not get strenuous with my swimming- I went 16 laps, and you talk about feeling good. That cool water on my hot red face totally refreshed me. Double duty was great today. I hope you are all enjoying your exercise like I am mine. If not, then find something you like to do or fake it until you do like it.


Carroll said...

It's great, Dee! I finally remembered it and kept up with the address.

Dee said...

Hey thanks for the feedback. Have a great time on your trip. I won't be there on Friday either so I will see you on Monday.