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Friday, April 18, 2008

Lucky Me?

I say, "Lucky me?" My point is was I lucky or not. At my fitness fusion class there are 6 members. Usually, there are always 5 of us there. Today I again wanted to go swim and do my FF class, but I just kept shutting that alarm off. And then I wanted to skip my class altogether. What am I thinking? Am I forgetting my goals? My talks to all of you? Am I just really a dang hypocrite? No! No! No! I am resolved... I will keep pushing forward. So... I jumped out of bed, got dressed, rushed out the door, got a breakfast at Chik-filet ( I know I gotta work on that), and made it to my class. Now here comes my question of being lucky or not. I was the only one there! So... I got my own private session with my own personal trainer. Yeah.. this is normally $55. And I got it for no additional charge added to my monthly fee. So, yes in this respect I was lucky. Now the part about not being lucky is that I got such a workout!! Oh my gosh.. I sweated, and panted, strained, and groaned. Whew! We went into the workout room where the equipment was. I got alot of new ideas that I can use at home with the medicine ball and the Swiss balance ball. Xand worked me to death! My hair was soaking wet, my face was red, and I knew I had been worked out. So... I ask you... would you say lucky me?

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