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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

More About Spinning

I do keep improving in my spinning class. I mean... I do come up out of my seat and do a standing climb more often than previous classes. But.. I just cannot do everything that all the members in the class are doing. However, I must say that I believe all spinning participants would agree that they want me to finish the class rather than go to the ER. I can tell when my heart rate is too high. That means that I must slow things down and get back in my zone. When I finish the class, my face is beet-red, and I am sweating for an hour after the conclusion of the class. But, I am not wiped out. So remember to stay in your zone which is 65-80% of your maximum heart rate. Also, as a sidebar- last week Jodie Foster was on Regis and Kelly. They asked her what she did for exercise. She said that she did lots of things, but her favorite was her spinning class. If you have not tried it, try to get in a class and give it a shot. It goes pretty quick, it is hard work, it makes you sweat, it builds muscles in your legs, and it is a great cardio workout. And remember, whatever you are doing, it is more important that you do it often rather than going all out and burning out and quitting. As time goes on, I may change some of the exercises that I do, but I never ever plan to quit!

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