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Friday, April 25, 2008

Xand and Fitness Fusion Friends

Today I mentioned that my camera was broken. Well... it is broken. I was only able to view part of this image when I took this photo this morning. Somehow I have been careless with my camera, and as a result the window that you view the image through is partially broken and I can only see some of what I am photographing. I knew that I would be able to transfer this photo, but I am going to have to get this repaired. I spoke to Olympus, and they can repair it. So be careful with your camera. This is my trainer Xand (in the middle) and a couple of my fitness fusion friends. Although I joined FF in January, I might say that I rejoined. They were at another location ( my gym that shut down), and I was in a class last Feb-June and Xand was beginning his career as a trainer. What a transformation Xand has made! He is a great trainer- he is fit, muscular, he speaks loud and clear (for us older people), he challenges us, he mixes it up and makes the class interesting, he is confident, he encourages us, he is nice and instructs with tact. I just love him and hope we never lose him. My fitness fusion friends are great- they are struggling some days just like me, they are committed to this class and they work hard. We all greet each other every MWF and miss each other when we are gone. If you can work out at home and have lots of discipline that is great, but if you can't, it is great to have a knowledgable trainer and nice people to work out with.

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