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Friday, April 4, 2008

Getting It Done Early

I like getting my exercise done early. This way I can know that I have it done. Otherwise, there are distractions, interuptions, and surprises that happen during the day that can keep me from it. I do realize that this is not possible for everyone because of their schedules. But for me, it is great because this way I don't neglect to do it. It has been pouring rain for several hours so right now it looks like no walking or riding a bike outdoors. However, this should not hinder anyone from exercising- you can always walk at the mall or on a treadmill. And you can go to the gym or to the indoor pool. Forget the excuses. I mean... we can always find plenty of excuses not to exercise, can't we? So forget it... no one wants to hear your excuses for not exercising. You can be creative and work it in even if you have to do it in small increments. Anything is better than nothing. And take it from me.... get it done early and you are done and you feel good physically and mentally because you have accomplished something. And then if you want to do more you still have the rest of the day to do it. Remember, no excuses!!

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Theda said...

Good job Dee! Keep the encouragement flowing.