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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Fifty-Seven Years Ago Today

Fifty- seven years ago today was a happy day for a hard-working man in law school and his beautiful college sweetheart. This young married couple welcomed their first-born, a son, into the world. He was a gorgeous child, and the parents had such hopes and dreams for him. He grew up in a "normal" American household. His father worked hard, and his mother stayed at home raising him along with his two younger sisters. They were a happy family. This young boy grew and grew- he became a tall man at six foot, three inches. He was a very handsome man and he was a nice guy. But somewhere, somehow, he made some wrong choices. For a bigger thrill? Boredom? Peer pressure? Self-indulgence? Depression? No one really knows what goes on in someone's head and why certain choices are made. But have no doubt that the choices that one makes affect others in a profound way. As a result of this man's drug use, the damage to his brain and finally his heart and arteries became the death of him. I don't know who will read this....but remember my words....smoking pot- the prelude to doing meth. Doing meth- the death of your brain, your arteries, and finally your heart. Like I said, your choices do affect others- especially those who love you. Although I don't want to forget his last days because it has made such an impact on my life, when I think of my brother, I would prefer to think on happier days. And this day, I have thought of you Jeff and those happier days.
April 30, 1951-January 29, 2001

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