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Monday, April 14, 2008

Working Your Core

No doubt about it, working your core is not only hard work, but so good for you. Today that is what we did. We did lots of squats- on flat ground, on a half styrofoam roller, to the side, to the front, at an angle, without weights, with dumbbells, with the bar. Whew!! My core definitely got a workout. We not only worked our core today, but also our shoulders, back, biceps and triceps. We only did a small amount of chest with some presses and flyes. Also, just a small workout today on the abs. Our essential core workout today was the back. I told Xand though that today he definitely had me sweating!! When doing upper body and lower body workouts, don't forget to work your core!


Traci, Lance and Odee times 3 said...

Hey Dee it is me....Traci Butler (MCClendon)...Terry told me about you two biking and that you had a blog.....I too have a need to take a look sometimes....there are pictures of my boys....good to hear you are keeping so fit...What in the world is Spinning? I told Terry that I want to see some pictures of you girls....Gotta Go!

Dee said...

Traci- go look at one of my beginning posts and I explain all about spinning.