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Friday, April 25, 2008

More Planking

Today at Fitness Fusion was more planking on the ball. We were facing the ground walking our hands on the ground and as we walked out, our knees left the ball and then our feet were on the ball. Then we had our hips low and held a plank and then walked our hands back in. Then we did the same thing only we did push-ups. Then we walked out, but this time we brought our hips up keeping our legs straight so that when we finished, our toes were on the ball. Whew!!!! Talk about hard. All of us in the class were struggling with this new exercise. We were definitely working our core. Several of us decided we would try to do this at home so we would not be grunting, groaning, and complaining so much when we did it again in class. I tried to get a photo of the group. Maybe I did, but my camera is broke under the screen so that I can not see what I am taking a photo of. Wah.... I am so upset that my camera is broken! I will have to see if I can get it repaired; otherwise, it is buy a new camera. This is not what I want to do!! The weekend is here- get outside and do something so Monday is not so hard.

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