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Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Okay, here is some clarification on my writing and also on my trip. I am writing day1-6 all today on July 15. The reason is because I have been unable to get Internet service until last night. I found it quite by accident. We assume that I am getting this from the neighbor- whoops, sorry neighbor, but I will be gone tomorrow. Now, let me explain a little about what is going on. I met Patty because she goes to my church. She also works at the college where my youngest son goes to school. I became more familiar with her over seeing her at the ballgames and seeing her in church. We have shared common interests- she does lots of walking and bike riding. She mentioned to me that maybe I could go with her when she went to her Aunt Gwen's and her aunt's husband Steve's house in Colorado. Each year Patty, along with her father and mother, another aunt and uncle, and cousins all meet for an annual corporation meeting regarding property they own. So, it all worked out with me regarding my work and family for me to make this trip. I thought this would not be much of an adventure trip, but it is proving to be more adventure than I ever dreamed up. I will have comments later about what I am learning from this experience. My plan is to be back in town on Friday, July 18th. So here goes.....

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Jen said...

Just wanted to stop by and say hello. I am so happy I came across your blog. I noticed that you are a fan of Anne of Green Gables as well. It is a favorite of mine!!

Hope to get to know you better! God bless you in your journey.

Blessings - Jen